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Wow, the detail in your work never fails to amaze me. Love the dynamic pose on that also - stunning work! Congrats on that cover too. Well deserved. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the kind comments. Means a lot to me. =)

Here it is the TurnTable. =)

Hi everyOne,
Sharing the colored versions of the ninja.
Best View: http://www.artstation.com/artist/CalebNefzen

As the magazine requested, Although this angle is less exciting,…
the angle and focal length of the camera, change and also get a little bit exagerated,
to show more of the torso. Also the hair was open completly to show better her face.
This was all aiming for the cover of the magazine. This 3d still, will appear on the first page.


The fisrt 3d still of the ninja,
an approach giving her the right mood and enviroment.
This will appear on the tutorial pages of the magazine.


Second approach, a more clear background to show her more,
but the magazine requested a more closer look, so details can be more visible.


Hi everyOne
Until now i got a small time,
to make the Viking Batman render with this pose

Great,Great,Great.just love it.thanks for sharing.;):wink:

The sense of movement and anticipation is perfect. Inspiring.

Thank you, i really did enjoy making him,
it has all the things i love. =)

amazing work )

waiting 4 new artworks

sickening detail! Love the concept and pose! You can really feel the action of the battle. What is your rendering process?

I Work on this character for a future webinar that will be shown for free, as a hook up,
for a career in the Guerrero Arts Academy that i will be part of it, as a digital sculptor-instructor.

A webinar who aims people just starting Zbrush.

I chose this Aztec Lord, for the dark appeal it has, … in the folklore, always got the company of an Owl, Bat and a Spider.


wow caleb… i´m spechless, one of the best cgi i´ve seen in lots of time

Thank you so much Azzazel, … you really left me speechless whit your appreciation, thank you so much, makes me happy you like it that much.
Thank you =)

Amazing just amazing detail in all your Sculpts and renders, you are truly a Talented artist in the world of Zbrush
Your Batman Viking is one hell of a sculpture !:+1:
all the best to you

@ Lou Mareno,

Thank you is not enough … Have no words for your kindness,
Words cannot express how grateful I am ,
thank you again for your appreciation. Im glad people like my work that much.

Is really rewarding after so much hard work i put in to this =)
I love doing it,
and if life or god or whatever it is, keeps grant me health and love and good fortune, i will make sure to keep doing it.
Best Regards my friend. ! =)

You are very welcome Sir

A 3d piece i did for the 3D Artist Magazine Issue 87.


Hi Caleb,

Truly inspirational work my friend.

I’m going back to my hard surface car models now :frowning:

Keep up the excellent work.

One of my most favourite zbrush artists. I love and admire your work, very inspiring!

top Row;)

Im new to Zbrush. What led me here is that I’m looking for a model of Pinhead to 3d print. Is there a 3D file for sale of this model? Awesome work btw!