Bond, James Bond?

just perfect!

You’re making fantastic progress with this piece! I think if you make his skin tone a little more pinker/red tones, you should be golden. But that can be fixed with the other color maps - sub dermal, epidermal, etc. Really excited how this portrait is working out for you! Keep it up! :smiley:

Incredible likeness! The expression is perfect! :+1:

Absolutely stunning. I’m also intrigued by how many polygons you have in zbrush but aslo how the displacement is done. Is it just one huge map or did you separate in smaller maps?

For the skin color, perhaps the high res photos from the red carpet might help. At the same time, there’s so much specular in those photos…

Anyways, it looks awesome!

what the heck? wow.

Good **** . I love it, im waiting for the fiber and features.

incredible! captured his likeness perfectly :slight_smile:

as someone trying to understand realistic sculpting, do you have any tips and points on what elements to really push to achieve a believable likeness? i.e do you reference caricatures to see what features of a face are so prominent they need extra defining?

sorry if I’m not making sense this is just a subject I need a lot of practice and learning in ^^ or is it just that? practice lots and lots. :slight_smile:

Waiting for more.



Get some fibers and this thing is a shoe-in for Top Row! Great work. :+1:

Those eyes have a thinking mind behind them. Absolutely superb expression! He looks alive, and I can almost hear him begin to speak!

I am so impressed. Can’t wait to see the finished piece with hair, etc.

Congratulations on your amazing skills!

would like to know how you did the eye globes :stuck_out_tongue:
Amazing work cant wait to see the finish one ^^

This is great. Definately Top Row!!!

Here’s alittle upgrade, upgraded a bit more the diffuse, added a reflection (will be tweaked more )map,sss weight map and here’s a 3 points light setup, it’s flattening a bit the volume but it was more for seeing the diffuse then anything else

Everything is still big wip, and the cloths are just dummy’s for now…

red hair648.jpgred hair638.jpgred hair624.jpg

This is going to be super awesome!:+1:

YES! Looking great! Skin and eyes look fantastic

one thing that feels a little off to me is his ears look a little low…raise the helix area maybe? Leaving the lobe in place
Maybe its just the perspective of the camera
are u rendering in Zbrush?

I like the second render.

Hi Big guns, I’m a huge fan of your work, I remember your “A head sculpt” work, it blew my mind, I still think as today it’s one of the most realistic render I’ve ever seen, so I’m sure this will be the best cg Daniel Craig ever, I cannot wait to see it finished, and I hope one day I will reach your level, you are awesome!

flawless work as always! :slight_smile: thanks for showing the process, its good to see how the work develops and gets from great to perfect :slight_smile:

Insanely good. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

That’s looking amazing!