Bombshell: 3D Print

Bombshell: Elizabeth (Betsy) Holliday

This is a sculpt that I did awhile back and am just now getting around to showcasing it here on ZBC. I believe I did a posting on it in my sketchbook some time ago, but I didn’t really get a chance to go in-depth on the making of it. I’ve been lucky to have a friend in the owner of Morpheus Prototypes, Shawn Zindroski. We have worked together on numerous collectibles projects, most notably those done for Sideshow Collectibles. Every other year or so, we try to do a showcase piece to make the rounds at SDCC and various 3d printing trade shows to showcase our talents and what we’re really capable of in what’s really a short turnaround as far as sculpts/prints are concerned. These are pieces that are modeled/sculpted in about 2-3 weeks worth of time after all the paying gigs are taken care of :wink: This was our latest endeavor, looks like its about time for a follow up! XD

This thread will eventually turn into a complete “how-to” utilizing ZBrush to create every component, including replacing the parts I originally created in an outside 3D package. For starters, lets show the model. You’ll notice some of the components are a little tessellated, which was done so I could easily pop the entire bike model in and out of Z for supplemental additions in Maya. We will be replacing those parts here in this thread with ones completely made in Z, too.

Here’s the original ZBrush sculpt/model:

And here’s an alternate version:

After this point, the model was cut, keyed, and printed at Morpheus Prototypes. Here’s the result:

And finally, the color scheme…image created by JP Mavinga:

I hope you guys like it and tune in as we go through the sculpting/printing process.





Nice sculpting!

Nice! Looking forward for the How To :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great job! Top row!

That’s a great sculpt and the print came out brilliantly too. Looking forward to more updates on the processes involved.

Was this ever painted? You should blow everyone’s minds and start talking about Magics.

LOL! Yeah, I’ll get to that later on after the sculpting phase is shown. Magics is a nutty animal in and of itself…ever had it have to “build confidence” on your booleans before it starts working consistently every time? It’s actually getting painted here in a few weeks for a print show this summer. I’m actually going back and revising some parts along the way and will probably even throw in a different engine at some point, something crazy that should actually be in a car, probably :wink:

just beautiful work, thanks for posting.

I love it! great as always Adam :). I miss working with you.

very cool, and that print came out great!
looking forward to seeing more!

I love it! great as always Adam :). I miss working with you.

Hey David! Mega dittos on working together…maybe we should remedy that sometime soon! :wink: