Bog Roamer

Here is the final render of the creature that I designed while I was developing some custom brushes for detailing in ZBrush.

The ZBrush model… All the details are done with the brushes of the ‘Creature texture and Skin Pack’:

Here is a bit of the texturing process. I used Substance Painter for the colour base and roughness and a bunch of the generators to take advantage of the details from the ZBrush normal map


Here are some more examples of the use of custom brushes to create surface details:

If you are interested in the pack of brushes you can grab them from this link

I’ve also made a tutorial covering the use of the brushes and to showcase the effect of some of them, you can visit the ZBrushGuides website or watch the tutorial here:


Just watched your video covering your brushes, so VERY cool @Pablander ! Love how blending these brushes give you so much surface texture to work with. Well done!

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Thanks Jaime! glad you like the video.

Purchased the pack, works really REALLY well :clap: :clap: :clap: