Boccioni's lost sculptures recreated and printed

Hi everybody,

To my knowledge this is the first project ever to reconstruct lost sculptures in full from historical photographs, then have them 3D printed in their original sizes.
Italian Futurist Umberto Boccioni created one of the most iconic modern sculptures, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, in 1913. He preceded it with three similar striding sculptures, all of which were tragically destroyed in 1927. All that remains are some 30 historical photographs, but loading these into ZBrush image planes made it possible to trace the sculpture contours and details, and eventually reconstruct an estimated 90% of the original plasters. These are currently on display at Estorick Museum in London until 22 December (https://www.estorickcollection.com/exhibitions/boccioni-recreating-the-lost-sculptures).

The sculptures are:

  • Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (“reverse-engineered” back to its original state of 1913)
  • Speeding Muscles
  • Synthesis of Human Dynamism
  • Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement

Anders Rådén & Matt Smith


Fantastic project @Anders_Raden :clap: Congratulations!

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Wonderful job, you did an amazing reconstruction, very true to the original. It’s great to see such kind of posts on the forum, thanks for sharing!

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Amazing Job. Lost or destroyed Sluptures definitely deserve to be reconstructed. Its a very hard work and im very glad that zbrush and you have the power to handle such an artistic level.Umberto Boccioni is the master of Futuro :))Gratt.Would be very good to see on turntabel.:upside_down_face::blush::metal:

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