Bobby´s World (WIP)

Last Update: 2019-10-09T03:00:00Z

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Hello, guys.
I´ve been away from this forum for a long time. In order to get back at using it I´m posting the W.I.P of a model inspired by “Bobby’s World” television show (yeah, it´s old).
Still have a lot of work until finishing it, but i´ll be posting as I progress in the model till the final image.

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Did a little twaek on face albedo, specular and roughness maps and started painting clouthes´maps

Update 3: Worked a little more on albedo and displacement for the shirt. Sculpted and painted the eyes and tweaked fur on coat. Next steps are to work on the hand that are looking like plastic, and some more adjustments on the coat part, following some body pose test and facial expressions