Bobby Rebholz Sketchbook

Hi everybody,

First off, I have to say it’s exciting to be here mainly because I’ve been a 2D artist for over three decades and have just recently entered the world of 3D. I’m really trying to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D. There are a lot of amazing artists in ZBC and I guess lurking about just won’t cut it anymore. When I post my sculpts, I will be sure to post my 2D sketches just to show influence and development.

Well, let’s kick things off. I took influence from the Cassowary and Archaeopteryx. I will make a serious effort to refine my 3D skills every single day because I’m sure I am jumping the gun in certain areas. C&C are always welcome.




I’ve been taking Aaron Sims’ masterclass on the Story & Soul of Iconic Creature Design. I learned a ton not just with research, but how to approach creatures and characters from a story standpoint. Huge thanks to Arthur Rodriguez and Ben Erdt for giving me awesome tips along the way. This character is called Thaku, an older and hardened warrior in charge of bringing in new recruits for war. The design idea behind him was about fungus and trying to imagine his home planet as a lush, jungle-covered world.