Bobby Daemon

This is Bobby Daemon !

A cartoon character created in my 20’s as an FPS character.
Back then in the early 2000’s I was just a video game dreamer, with big dreams of working in the industry one day…
So this is one of my stupid character created earlier than Team Fortress 2 :stuck_out_tongue: and later when Cartoon FPS became real, I was sure I wanted to realise my dream job. Working on crazy FPS I played.
So now, after hard work, some dreams come true. I decide to dust off that old friend with current skills, to give him a reason to exist.

So I’m excited to see how that buddy could become in the next 20 years.
Don’t forget your dreams, and your small characters in your head, they just want to become true !


Great character @Sterna follow your dreams, never give up :+1:

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Thanks a lot Jaime ! we’re not going to let them go :slight_smile: