Boba Fett's Escape from the Sarlacc pit

Hi, loooooong time no post. I just wanted to show a model I worked on with another artist, Doug Woods, for PicturePlane. We used 3DSMax, Zbrush, and rendered these shots in VRay. Hope you guys like it and any crits or tips would be welcomed.

Larger images here:








The way it should be!

Beautiful work.

now about those pesky Ewoks…

awesome render! love it!

OMG, that’s totally sick! Superbly done.


“Bounty hunters. We don’t need their scum!”

Nice job on this!

Great work! outstanding scene. the dirt and dust really sell the atmosphere

I like your render and color~excellent:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Beautiful render… just 3 things I would do:

  1. Show blistering/ gash where the blaster shot is making contact with the sarlac’s tentacle ( and possibly in a couple of other previous shots)?
  2. Tense the fingers of his free hand… although he’s a natural killer, it might add to the tension / drama of the moment?
  3. A bit more reflected highlights from the blaster shot…?

That said, I couldn’t pull off a render this good… it’s gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I still can’t believe no one has made Han Solo frozen in the carbonite yet with ZBrush.

Great model and fanstastic render! Is there any chance of a lighting and render break down/setup for those of us that can’t achieve those great results which you have?


Thanks all. Glad you guys like it!

RawSunlight: Thanks for the Crit. When we get the time we’ll look back into some of that. I think to get the bullet hitting a tentacle we’ll either have to add another one far down left or move the one closest to his gun to make it feel right.

Dride: Honestly Dride we aren’t doing anything wild or crazy with our renders. We try to keep our renders simple and the same with our materials. We rendered the pit, then the tentacles, and then Boba. We didn’t do any render passes, just setup the lights, HDR, and messed around with it until it felt right. Then in post we add the effects and some curve/hue sat layers here and there.

I’m going to dig up some of our Zsculpts images and post them as soon as I can

Simply fantastic work. A+ :+1: