Blu Boo-----update

Just working ahead on Halloween. We’re planning to take some shots again of the spooky old shed in the woods and do a composite. I tried to use the glow materials but Z3 crashed at every attempt to render. 50.

I like your ghost…

I often crash when rendering the glow materials too…hopefully that is something that is fixed in the updates if it is a bug…

Hey, thanks, Sazdum. Good to know it’s not just me with the problem. I could export to Z2 if I have to. 50.

Nice looking bunch '50.

Looking forward to your composite. :+1:

Redering the Glow material is a sure chrash.:-1:

Not sure if this will work for you or anyone else, but I can render without any crash in a larger document size. I have doubled my document twice to 3840x2880 and I have no crashes…I have used both the colorized and regular glow.

Hope this works for you

Thankya, Bimm. Update you later. 50.

Thanks for the info, Sazdum. I’ll need to render big for this one. 50,

Good headstart on Halloween 50’s. Looks like its going to be a nice one :+1:

Thanks, Tartan, it’s been so hot around here, I’m ready for Halloween now. 50.

Hey 50’s! Has to be one of the coolest/funniest ghost I’ve seen in a while :+1: What material are you using?

Keep them coming… or going -depending on which you’re looking at ;)-

Hi elarcano, sorry for the delay. It’s just a basic mat. I colorized the ambient and diffuse and also did an overly blend postwork with some fog added. Thanks. 50.

Well, here’s a little update with 3.1. What’s your favorite Ghost Color? I wanted to use the Glow materials for this guy, but 3.1 crashes too. Oh, well, there’s more than one way to do things. 50.


beutiful work :+1:

Congratulations my friend!


Greetings, Mario. thanks. 50.

Hey '50,

I think the green one on the bottom right brings out his features the best, but the blue one (bottom middle) is the scariest.

He looks great '50

greets Bimm.

Hi, Bimm, I’m still kinda leaning towards blue. 50.

Well, here is my finished composite. The ‘Spooky Old Shed’ was still out in the woods waiting for me, a little more overgrown than I remember. This will probably be my entry for the Halloween Gallery this year. 50.


Great Job '50. I like it :+1: :+1: :+1:

Well, thank you, Bimm. 50.

Hey, nice colors and light! The BOO is fun :+1:

Hi Bas, thanks. I kinda lost the whole ‘Blue’ approach. Maybe I’ll do another before Halloween. 50.