Bloody eddie

Inspired by the work and lighting of Liam Wong, I tried to recreate a sort of modern lighting combined with a vintage character.The studio lighting was instead inspired by the famous photographer Platon. I tried to recreate how he lights his object.The model was fully modelled using Zbrush. Combining the power of substance painter and Mari, I used the masking tools that can reveal or cover the different layers of texture based on the characteristics of the model such as curvature, ambient occlusion, height, normal position etc.The clothing was created using Marvelous designer.

BLOODY EDDIE 02 ld.jpgBLOODY EDDIE 01 ld.jpgBLOODY EDDIE 01 det 01 ld.jpgBLOODY EDDIE 01 det 02 ld.jpgBLOODY EDDIE 01 det 04.jpg