Bloodborne's Eileen the Crow- Prime 1 Studio

Bloodborne’s Eileen the Crow sculpted for Prime 1 Studio. Participation of Keos Masons, Creative Director Johnny Pham and Prime 1 Studio Design and Development Team.



upmbb-03_a01_ex upmbb-03_a03 upmbb-03_b10 upmbb-03_b15 upmbb-03_b17


nicely sculpted! :bird: :crossed_swords:

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Thanks man!

Yes! Awesome as always @Marco_Splash

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Darkly beautiful work!
I love this game (I’m horrible at it) but, I love it, lol.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

This is amazing! Where would you start for new members just getting started with Zbrush?

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Incredible ! It looks alive, time has stopped ! You truly captured the instant.
Could you share a tip on how to obtaint hat scorched / ripped effect on the lower end of the coat please, would love to to try that out!

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Thank you I appreciate the comment!

It’s hard to explain, but there is nothing so technical. It’s really just sculpt something chaotic to break the even line.