Blade - Mahershala Ali

I was quite excited when Marvel announced the Blade reboot, with Mahershala Ali as Blade. To be honest, I was quite sceptical about him being right for the role, given his physique as Cottonmouth in Luke Cage. So I figured I’ll make a 3D version of him as Blade and see how well it suits him.
I began working on this project in June 2020, on and off, in my spare time from work. Over time, I gradually saw some similarities between the two actors (Snipes and Ali), and now I’m full of anticipation for the movie as I think he’ll make a spectacular Blade!
I modeled/sculpted him in a default A-pose using Microsoft Paint wink , and then rigged him with Advanced Skeleton for Maya. Afterwards, the rigged and posed character was exported to Zbrush for some corrective sculpts, to be used as blendshapes back in Maya.
I thought of giving him a more dynamic pose but I’m tired of working on him so I’ll add this to my collection of abandoned artworks.
I hope you all like it, cheers!


Awesome post! Love all the custom possibilities you setup!
Was very skeptical where the MCU was going post Endgame, but WandaVision has me really excited for future projects like Blade!

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Oh wow hi :wave: !

I’m a so breathtaking and a huge fan of your work ! :scream::grinning:

I’m so impressed I would love to have it printed as a 3d figure in my collection even if it’s own movie isn’t released yet :sweat_smile:🫣

Do you mind it could be possible to share a .stl format to print it and show the world how wonderful your work is ? :grinning:


An impressed and huge fan of your work :grin::sweat_smile: