Black Moth Model / Industria Mechanika Resin Kit

Yes, you can certainly use layers to store a T-Pose so you can go back to sculpt. I plan to try to use that in the future, but I don’t think I’ve done it how you are.

The one I’ve used a lot is this: I store a Morph at the lowest division. Then I pose things. Then when I go back to my low division I hit the [SWITCH] button to flash back and forth. Then move the division slider back up. I’ve done that for quite a few things, especially organic.

To be honest about this character though is i believe I posed him and kept it permanent! I just took him really far in the T-pose version first. The concept is almost in a T-Pose to begin with. Then once things were pretty solid I moved everything into place and then started to sclupt back into it. I really wish I could have kept that T-Pose like you are saying. That would have been great at least on the waist down (legs).

A photo of the kit by Industria Mechanika. It is pretty trippy to see it all done and be able to hold it! Too bad I don’t know jack about building and painting kits.

The cast really picks up all the details, even the guys tiny eyebrow ring. Also gets the tech fabric patterning really nicely too.

I just handed the ZTL files off which was nice.




Really nice model, congratulations!
And many thanks for the breakdown!

congratz on the top row! good job on this model and nice presentation!:+1:

Congrats on the top row. Great design and execution. Well earned.

This is awesome! Thank you!

Great model. Thank you very much for the various tips. Super helpful :slight_smile:

Stellar !

Really love your break down. Great model! Thanks for sharing!

great work :slight_smile:

I was just looking at your first post thinking that this guy would make an awesome 3d print and here he is. Great stuff.

Well done. This guy looks bad ass!

My god!!! This is great Inspiration mate. Top Row For sure and thanks for the breakdown you are a great artist.

Were was this 3D Printed?? it looks amazing.

Thanks Guys!

JuanPax: The 3d Print part was done by Desmoda, which was awesome because he was the guy who did the first 3d print i saw that really blew me away and showed what you could do. That was years ago. After that I talked with him and was going to have him print me some stuff but I was way too busy. Also the tools back then were different. It is crazy to see how much Zbrush has changed (and 3d Printing).
Then it was cast by Industria Mechanika (Fitchenfoo). http://industriamechanika.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=51

Awesome mate!!! Thanks for taking the time to answer hope to see more of you art. Take care. :+1:

Great work:+1:

great work!!

what do you used for rendering the main image?


Great model…

You did do a great Job…

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D it is really nice!