birds time


incluyo el objeto basico Zspheres :smiley:








ZBrush pnt0020.JPG

Looking good already. :slight_smile:

On track.

Looks great so far, jotajota!!!

can’t wait to see more.

Hey! I was intended to make this bird also! I will look at your progress carefully.

Masterful control of the spheres! Look at the feet!:eek:

It’s a good beginning.:+1:
I am in a hurry to see the continuation of the modelling. Good road towards the victory. :slight_smile:

beautiful theme.The modeling is superb and i cant wait too see this finished:+1:
glad to see u keep a nice reference:)

Bonito pájaro jotajota. Estoy seguro de que vas a mejorar el original.

Suerte, colega.

The texture-maps and model look very good…but the legs seem to be to much to the back of the body, i say "seem " ,i 'm no bird anatomy specialist…but i have a feeling that the bird must fall forwards…but perhaps these birds have another “center of gravity” ?


Audubon :cool:

Wow!! I just wanted to post a bird and I saw yours. Nice work!! :+1:

very VERY nice :sunglasses: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I love the Tucan! Great work.

Gracias por sus comentarios…
Jantim tiene mucha razon …he estado viendo algunas referencias y algunas especies traen una cola pequeña…lo que pareceria extraño al tener el pico tan largo…sin embargo la posicion de estos animales es mas erguida tal vez exajere algo en la posicion,algunas especies traen la cola mas larga pero no parece ser algo indispensable… :confused:

OR :+1:

Do you sleep?
Oh wait , Columbia = Coffee… Nevermind.

Great as always! Patton

or_wiz… :sunglasses: :+1:
patton :+1: :+1:
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hey jotajota,
beautiful and vivid colours just like in the real thing! i would really love to see another level of subdivisions. great work dude! :+1: :+1:

Love it. All round love it. :smiley: