Sculpted in ZBrush, painted in Substance, rendered with Arnold.


nice sculpt

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thanks, appreciate it

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Lovely work!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!

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thank you!! :slight_smile:


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thank you!


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Excellent! Really beautifully done. :+1:

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Smooth! :slight_smile: I love it!

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thank you!!

Absolutely Beautiful. if you make anything else PLEASE show us your workflow on Youtube! i love your style and how hard/crisp the edges are, YET How lifelike it looks as well… almost reminds me of the Owl from Clash of the Titans, if you’ve ever seen that movie.

thank you! i’ve never recorded my workflow before, but i’ll consider it moving forward. this was started from a sphere and gradually sculpted from blocked in forms to finer details. the vast majority of the work is dam standard and trim dynamic brushes working back and forth with one another. one technique i’ll share here is that while i work with sculptris on, i activate the backface mask on the trim dynamic brush so that it becomes a non-sculptris brush. it helps to smooth the larger planes of the sculpt while maintaining high resolution in the early going. and i had to google the owl :sweat_smile:

Oh without a doubt consider it! you’ve got more than what it takes to be a pro Zbrush Sculptor! you could be doing Tutorials and Commissions and the whole deal, EASY!

Lovely piece @gregmawicke :+1:

thank you @Jaime !