Bird Study/Studies

First post…still on a learning curve…LOL aren’t we all.
Open to critique!


A few more bird experiments.
Knysna Lourie
Red Bishop
Southern Double Collared Sunbird

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Particularly like the Red Bishop render. :+1:

Would love to read a little more - all created in ZBrush? How you’re creating the feathers, the foliage etc?

Hi Boozy Floozie

What an honour it is to engage with you, I have been following zbrushcentral since zb4
and your beautiful whimsical work has always been so refreshing and lovely to see!

I have never posted any of my work here before, I use zb now and then for product design when I require less hard surface/mechanical work. I used to work at the South Africa Cape Mint, sculpting coins and medals the traditional way, and when zbrush appeared it sparked my interest. I am 55 with a masters degree in Fine Arts from Rhodes University.

So when this lockdown happened I dived in to play…in the digital clay!

I have used Blender to render, and some background foliage is from blendswap stock,
but the birds themselves are entirely zbrush, using insertmesh, nanomesh for the feathers.
For the ferns I used fibremesh - so awesome!

I am still getting to know zbrush, we are fortunate to have it.

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My admiration for your patience in creating the myriad of elements involved in constructing these scenes. The final results are very uplifting and colourful.

The Red Bishop render has a style about it that greatly appeals - it reminds me somewhat of the Deco period of painting and graphics. I find myself wondering if you pushed the background foliage in future pieces to be more graphic and suggestive would it enhance the stylistic synthesis? Such elements could be pre-rendered and placed/ overlapped as transparent backplates.

Look forward to future post. :smiley:

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Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill. Scruffy fella from Kruger Park area.

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African Paradise Flycatcher
Zbrush bird with blender trees and render.


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