biomecanic face / my new illustration

i say hello again to all Zbrushers
i finished a new illustration with the incredible and amazing software
ZBrush. For this work i used a pencildrawing as a concept.
hope you like it.

i can’t wait for next update to Zbrush 2.5

happpy Zbrushing

Roland Kaiser
SwitzerlandBiomecanic face.jpg


Biomecanic face concept drawing.jpg

This is really cool.

Nice Zbrushing, and I love your sketch!

Roland this is a Huge improvement. You are really getting the tools down and you went about it the right way. :+1: I asked around for advice on your last one and the only thing I could come up with was a problem in the mat lighting. I wouldn’t about it a bit. Don’t look back, look ahead. 5 stars :smiley:

very H.R Giger-ish, i love it. good job sir!

Hi Mullet

Yep that’s right - he’s one of my greatest inspirators… I had the privilege to meet and work for H. R. Giger some time ago.

For many years I am airbrushing, but now I have found a new challenge with Zbrush. It’s just great!

If you are interested in more biomecanic illustrations, done by me using airbrush, please don’t hesistate visiting my website at www.kairo-design.ch.

By the way, where are you from? I’m just curious how you get to know Giger’s work. :slight_smile:

See ya,

Roland Kaiser

I’m from scotland Roland - we’re a right cultured bunch out here ; )

Thats amazing you actually got to meet and work with him, the man is indeed a legend!

Hi Tartan
many thanks for your nice comments to my work and also for the vive stars.
by the way, i dit change the material on the last illustration and now it looks a little better. thanks for your supporting.

Roland Kaiser


I think you can make it better.

Specially the grooves and depth part as in the concept. They are more deeper.

Forehead design part needs to be a bit more deeper.

Only If you are ready to work on it again :smiley:

Hope you will throw back some tutorials for noobs like us :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Wicked Sunny.
last time you wrote to me, that i could make this work better . It would be a lot of work, because i dident made a texture. I colored all in 2.5 mode with different layers.
But with a little trick i changed the forehaed part of the face.
Maybe it looks a bit better.


Roland Kaiser
Switzerface biomechanic new.jpg land [gallery entry]

I really like it… but i think if you change the color balance, contrast and curves a bit in photoshop it will look allot better and show more of the details.

great! it looks very mysterious!:+1:

but i see a little question. ZBrush’s renderer is very fast and neat. but the shadow… and also AA, i don’t wanna say that. it’s not hard to understand why ppl always output/input among lots of apps to get a rather good render result.

face biomechanic new.jpg

But you can switch into a different shadow setup in the light tab. Then the results are different. But in any case, you will not be able to 100% shake off the 2.5D character of ZBrush.

what kind of light and shadow setting?:wink:

Great image.

Talk about traditional!:grimacing:
From my understanding, airbrush is one of
the most EXACTING, and tedious medium out there!

Bravo to you!:+1:small_orange_diamond:)