Bike Helmet

This is prop for some illustrations for a bike safety course. Made from scratch in Zbrush. I am having problems with painting in Projection master…
I keep thinking I understand how to add color but I find out that I don’t really get it…


Did you “box model” this, or something else? It’s a wonderful piece of sculpting, regardless.

Thanks for looking!
Not really ‘box modeling’ per se…
The process was an expriment with a zsphere, creasing, making holes and creating Morph differences, I can post a demo if anyone is interested.
Can anyone direct me to a tutorial or guide on how to paint color and materials together?

how to paint color and materials together?

In Projection Master just Enable Colors, Material and you will can paint all that you want :wink:

Just create texture, enter projection master, add color, pick up projection master and you have color! hope this helps… Also you should check out the Zapplink Plug-in. Just do a search and you will find.

This is another one I have been plying with. I will try to paint using the tips provided.


…of Scott Robertson (page 2 & 3)
Have fun Zbrushing :cool:

Thanks Pilou, those are really nice!

Thanks for your feed back! As usual this community is incredibly cool to share with and learn from. This picture shows the process I used. Staritng with a single Zsphere I created the dome and then used color grouping to define the patterns of the holes to delete. Then used morph diff with a slight size difference to get the thicker shell then sculpt, texture and paint.

Helmet set.jpg