Participated in CGTantra modeling and sculpting challenge (Aug_Sep 2010) subject was Starcraft Fanart.

I choose Nova-Terran Ghost and using existing concept art I tried to develop my own idea.Hope you like the change.

Your valuable suggestions and critics are most welcome.:slight_smile:

My WIP entry

Nova references

Welcome :smiley:
My Work

Bhushan Arekar.Nova_00.jpgNova_01.jpgNova_02.jpgNova_03.jpgZBC1.jpg






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Awesome. Very clean and detailed.

I like everything exept her face.

i think her face is extremely good, its very heroic, i think your gonna throw a few customers cause her eyes need to be looked at a little more.

yeah I agree. Everything else looks awesome on her except those eyes.

Erect Nipples, Stilettos and cleavage are always ok in my book.

It’s cool, I just don’t understand why her suit is half unzipped and her nipples are hard? Sometimes making a model less exposed is more sexy rather than the usual, that’s just my take on it. Other than that its great, the face needs a bit of work as she looks ‘manly’ but keep truckin.

hi dude … everything ok ?

man … u made a nice job … i was too in challenge …

u details is nice … and clear too …

good lucky for u …

5 star u modeling !!!

Looking great, the only thing I can obviously see is that the chest tertiary could be better, whether it’s a lack of polygons or not, If I was you I would download the Alphas from Pixologic and mess around with them. Otherwise great work.

Pro4210 - thanks friend. :slight_smile:

RamRam - glad you like and thanks for critics ,any suggestion ? :slight_smile:

rouncer and Ron Harris - thanks guys you like it ,could you please clear that point? :roll_eyes:

xenoforge - Thanks buddy. :slight_smile:

salki - Hi, thanks you like it,I just tried suit (everythink) as I said earlier.:slight_smile:

slipknot_joey - Yes I know,your entry was great,all the best for result.:+1:

Xenier - Thanks friend, I will take care of this point in my future work.:slight_smile:

Take break…and do one bust for fun/practice,any suggestion?



That’s a cool one and very nice thread in cgtantra … One small thing is pointing me is her eye ball. Can u check the orientation and iris depth could be little less … but that’s apart it’s a nice sculpting friend … :slight_smile:

Looking good. The back side of her butt, above the crack is caving in. Might want to add a little more volume in there.

no offense meant about the eyes…they just seemed a bit to wide open to me and gave me the impression taht they were poking out from the lids just a smidgen too far. It could be an optical illusion (no pun intended)

mridulsen : thanks,I will take care of this point.:slight_smile:

nwargasm : thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

Ron Harris : thanks sir :slight_smile:

Trying polypainting,rendered in ZBrush and comp. done in Photoshop.

Suggestion and critics are always welcome.:roll_eyes:


Some doodles.

![Doodle_02a copy.jpg|1100x958](upload://9YKx10hYcxBfJMgglTd5hhi1heZ.jpeg)![Doodle_03a.jpg|1100x958](upload://6J5JMyx5NtDSocg8IHqhCPiP7AA.jpeg)![Doodle_04_WIP1.jpg|880x958](upload://isTXCvibcy7i0q9Kete1H3p47qM.jpeg)


Doodle_02a copy.jpg


looking good very clean sculpt

Shrikant:thanks :slight_smile:Doodle_04.jpg



Quick doodle and Maya miss fast skin shader test.


Such a big quality-different between the first model and the others…?

Bas Mazur:thank you Sir for PM and clear my points.

Female bust-my entry for CGFeedback challenge.