Beytalius DWIII

Hey guys I thought I would share the final submissions I made for this years Dominance War. After 2 months of spending tons of my free time on this, it came to a point that I was satisfied with. The final is 8944Tris with diffuse, specular color, normal, and alpha 2048 textures.

looks like some top row goodness, to me nice job.

Very good work! :smiley:

I think u have done a really great piece. I love it ! Awesome character design and amazing textures dude! I would actually love to see more of it. :smiley:


Wow, excellent work man! Amazing details!! :+1:

Well, hot damn, if it isn’t Henny!

This looks great Trev.

Drop me a mail and let me know how things are going.

Dude that´s a very outstanding model, I’m very impressed, keep the good work

Hot damn that’s some killer geometry! Looking at the silhouette I couldn’t tell that was so low poly. Great work all around. Top Rizow shouldn’t be far!

I’ve been watching you work as your progressed on this piece through the tourny, and I really must say, they need to judge this contest so I can ask you how much you like your cintiq.

I thought a couple of the other guys on 3dtotal were going to take number 1 for sure, but I’ve never seen anything this good, lowpoly or otherwise.

The change that you did in your beauty shot from one week to the next was amazing. The first one was so stunning I had to forward your page to almost everyone I know, and then you put out your “updated” beauty shot, and I dropped my jaw.

Just reading through your forums I’ve learned so much.

You’re a credit to the industry and I wish you all the best in the future.

Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks for the comments! Too bad I couldnt get top 50, but hey, better luck next time right?

Hey Mike long time no see man, ill email you soon.

goast666 thanks for the inspiring comment, I intend to try harder next time!

Hey Trevor. Awesome piece as usual!