Beth Smith (née Sanchez) from parallel Universe

I keep researching the question about ways to improve and development of the detail of the anatomy of human body: issues of enhancing the effect of organic visual naturalism through micro definition of textures of human skin. I made Beth Smith (née Sanchez) from Rick and Morty as a Beth living the parallel Universe in the style of Mad Max (an Australian cult post-apocalyptic action film) and a little bit Heavy Metal (cartoon) I chose some very provocative and minimalist costume for my character for maximum focus on human body research. Then I’ve decided to do an experiment with color texturing of a full nude figure with Substance Painter and then Marmoset toolbag with Maya Xgen hairs. I’m not happy with the results, I think I’ve got something wrong: shit result…
The main conclusion for myself - I extremely need to learn more and try to improve the skills but my computer performance is severely limited ((