best universities for zbrush

I love zbrush so much , i really want to learn in a best university for zbrush but i dunno know how can i find a good university for zbrush
please give me some advice

I can’t recommend a specific school, but here is a list of the ones that we know teach ZBrush: http://pixologic.com/zclassroom/zbrush-in-education/

I hope that at least helps.

thanks i knew this link but i dont know the best :frowning:

some1 ?? plz :frowning:

How about online teaching
not video libraries were you can’t ask questions

I’ve been using maya so I’m not familiar with using zbrush but I see that its one of a popular software. Zbrush is for touching up models

Zclassroom offers help on understanding some of the features on Zbrush and how to use them effectively. Also if you want to learn personally, A good book to pick up is: Pixologic ZBrush 4R6 A Comprehensive Guide. It’s helpfull because it covers a large majority of the user interface as well so that its not too confusing to newcommers. Best of luck with your search!

Thanks alot I had no idea there was books
Im sure its just what I need

and this is for the people that say zbrush is just for touching up models