Best recommended Zbrush tutorials as for 2018

Hello everyone,Its your probably frequent question, but I have been researching on Reddit what tutorials people had to suggest to beginners and I stumbled upon not many suggestions, neither were the suggestions recent!

I ended up with watching few tutorials, like by Michael P’s playlist of tutorials, but all these tutorials I stumbled upon were really monotone, way too tech news free netflix quick and repetitive and all the little things that makes a student watch the clock until the lesson is over haha

I mean, I am still appreciative of all the existing tutorials provided for completely free by these people who spend a lot of time recording them, but I do find myself losing patience and losing my concentration due to lack of interest in what they got to offer in their voices and way to preach.

This does not reflect my work though! Im a huge bookworm and Im pretty much workaholic with no sense of patience when I work on my stuff, and along with Zbrush, I have been learning Blender by watching the Bledner Guru tutorials which were really fun and exciting to watch and were pleasant to the ear and to the eye! I had a great time watching these! and this is where I wonder if there are other full of spirit and energy tutorials out there, but for Zbrush instead!

Id love to hear your suggestions! honestly, you can even list up your favorites that you love or even helped you as a zbrush beginner! Since this way I’ll be able to list through your favorites and see whats fits me best as a beginner!

I hope its not too rude of a question or just me being too difficult!

I can still keep up with the current tutorials I’m watching but Im afraid I would just lose my motivation for my current ones!

Also payable online solutions can be suggested! I’ll give them a look!