Bertie The Elephant

Hi everyone,

I’m not much of a poster on here but I’ve most definitely been lurking around. I’m really pleased to release mine and a friend/coursemate’s final degree film. We’ve been working on it for the past 9 long months and it feels really good to show it off to the world. It’s a short film set in London at night following a baby elephant on his journey to return a lost toy to it’s owner. We’re just about to graduate from the University of Hertfordshire and we study Visual Effects.

Shooting at night proved challenging but I think everyone who’s visited London at night will agree that it is truly a beautiful place to be. Our aim was to capture the beauty of the city at night and place a baby elephant in the heart of it.

I headed up the 3D aspects of modeling, texturing, look development, lighting and rendering whilst my teammate took care of the 2D end of the film, this included comp, roto/prep, matte painting and grading. We brought the film from concept to delivery and made a conscious effort to keep the core team as small as possible (us two). We collaborated with 6 animators to take care of a few shots each and a rigger to take care of the rigging.
If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer. Thanks!

Thanks a lot



Outstanding!! You all should be very proud of yourselves. You’ll have no worries landing a job after graduation. REALLY great great.

Well done on integrating the elephant with the props and environment!
What inspired you guys to do this short?

great work! love it :slight_smile: