Returning from his journey, Bert was booming with excitement… After all, he had returned with three rare Bisco bugs (certainly more than enough to ensure the union with his true love, Bebe). Her father would only expect one bug as a bride token. Sadly though, when Bert arrived at the door to the hut he was dumbstruck. His longtime rival, Ag, was presenting four Bisco bugs and securing Bebe for himself!


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TR worthy for sure, nice job :slight_smile:

Love the tats and the back story. Nice one.

Poor Bert, love is a fickle thing.
Personally I think he looks wonderful with 3 Bisco bugs:+1:

Thanks boozy floozie…that made me laugh! :wink:

Thank you bfgnz! I appreciate it!

Thanks for the kind words truubluu!

Here’s one I made a few weeks ago…

This is Gertrude, a proud Barlaxian mother. She woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise… her offspring have started to bud.

Whoa! man!
I love this one more than your last one. So different.
Def a follow.

Absolutely love your work, amazing creativity, so unique & your renders are lovely. So much passion in your art, 5 stars from me!

love it!

These are wonderful; really enjoy the backstories. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks again bfgnz…I really appreciate your kind words! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much GothicGrin. That made my day!

Thank you magbhitu!

Thank you Joseph! I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the stories. The best part of making these characters is imagining who they are while I model them.

These alien designs are great. Love the little stories coming with them :slight_smile:

Thanks Ouran!



designs are excellent. :wink:

Thank you Michael!

I appreciate that phil01!

ooo man very goooooood workssss

Huge congrats to you Bert on you top row!
very nice.:+1: