Bending a part of a mesh (Poly Modeling)

I have a mesh (poly modeled) with a portion of it required to be bend to an arc. Is there a way to mask the unwanted portion and use a gizmo offset to bend the unmasked portion?

The only viable way that i have tried was creating two holes and bridging them, but that wasnt the ideal method i was looking at.

Just guessing because you didn’t post a picture.

Use the Gizmo:Deformer and adjust the number of deformation points to give the bend quality you want. Mask off the deformation points that you want to keep untouched.

The key though is to align the Gizmo in the direction of the part you want deformed. With the Gizmo active, hold Alt, click at the start of the section and drag to the end of the section. Gizmo axis will be aligned. Then when you activate the Deformer, the deformer axes will form a box in that direction so you can easily adjust deformer points in the plane you need. Gizmo will snap to verts btw so if the model is low poly you can get a precise alignment.

Also make sure you have enough topology to support the bend. You can’t bend a plane if it’s only got two points along either axis, regardless of how many deformer points you have.

See Michael Pavlovich Deformer video. Also search his YT channel for “deformer” for other possibilities.

i am looking for something like the following. I have looked thru most deformer and bend video tuts but there doesnt seem to have what i was looking for.

That is to use the gizmo with its offset to bend the unmasked portion.

Delete the inner portion of the blue strip, leaving the left and right hand blocks. Move the right hand end down into position and rotate 90deg to face up. Then Zmodeler:Bridge:Two Holes with interactive curvature and resolution.


Align Gizmo along top edge. Gizmo:Deformer increase resolution of lattice, mask off all but those along the blue bar. Bend into an arc. Accept and then mask left end and rotate the arc with the Gizmo.


Move brush with Brush:Depth:Infinite Depth activated. Then just move the vertex points to the position you want.

If this is not your actual geometry then you need to show it because the approach depends on what geometry you’re actually trying to deform.

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Thanks TOBOR8MAN, the second method is awesome.