Benchmarking in Zbrush

Behold the birth of the Zbench. This should be implemented into a standalone version for people to test their performance. I tried the preferences>performance>test multithreading and this is what I got:
single - 23.983
threaded - 16.57
This is on a dual Xeon 1.7ghz (256cache) with a gig of rdram. Everyone should try it out and post their results and specs here. Give everyone else an idea of performance and hardware. Go on give it a shot :wink:

single 16.924
multi 11.654

Dual Xeon 2.40GHz
2 gigs ram

Just tested my other system with it:
single - 12.076
thread - 9.98
P4 3ghzC 1gig ddr

interesting… would be nice to see some AMD tests too. Thanks for replies people.

Ok I managed to get a friend of mine to test it on his AMD.
single: 11.350998
multi: 11.709999 (AMD has no HT and this is single proc)
amd 2600+ (~2.1ghz)
1gig ddr


I tried it on my laptop (p4 mobile 1GHz, 512MB)

Single: 34.529
Multi : 34.537

i got single 13.897
multi 9.185
33% increase
dual xeon 2.4 2 gigs ram quadro 4 980xgl

Single: 13.485
Multi: 13.375999

AMD Atholon XP 2400+ (~2.0ghz)
1GB DDR PC2100

IS that this Zbench prog ?
More the number is little more is the perform ?

lower values are better or worse?

P4 : 1.6 Ghz
512Mo Ram

single: 25.077
multi: 29.17

:small_orange_diamond: hah :small_orange_diamond:

Pilou lol that seems to be an old atari benchmarker ?_?

anyway, its inside zbrush, in the preferences menu

and lower seems better

AMD XP 1800+

Single: 16.653
Multithreaded: 16.543

wait until get my dual xeon :slight_smile:

Dual Opteron 248
Single Thread = 9.244
Double = 5.863

Single: 11.437
Multi : 9.26
P4 2.8 GHz, 2 GB 400 MHz DDR ram

Hmm, that Opteron looks tasty

:slight_smile: So is for that I have asked the question :slight_smile:
This function seems don’t exist on the 1.55b :slight_smile:

Single: 13.62
Multi: 13.57
AMD Atholon XP 2400+ (~2.0ghz)
1GB DDR PC2100

single 9.87
multi 9.961

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
1G Ram DDR (PC3200)


Single - 15.019
Dual - 10.1

Dual Athlon MP 2000+ (1.67ghz)
1gb PC2100 DDR RAM

Hi Frenchy,

The feature is in ZB2. Under Preferences->Performace->Multithreaded.

It’s really designed to let you know wheather or not you should use multithreading on your computer. Using multi threading on the wrong computer will hampper performance of ZB2.

I have supposed that :slight_smile:

Running a P4 3.0 Ghz processor with 1 Gb Dram

I got the following results …

Single Thread = 11.078
Multi Thread = 9.09

Multithreading resulted in 17.9% speed increase
Multithreading is recommended for this system.

What I am not quite sure of is if you have to enable multithreading or not. and if so How?

Anyways thanks for starting this thread it was something I been meaning to ask for some time.