Ben Mauro Sketchbook

Hey guys, accidentally posted in the wrong area yesterday…lets see if this works this time…

Just recently started learning Zbrush 4, have been a designer for a few years but made the jump after some encouragement from co-workers. Will try to update this regularly.

Some sort of old android inspired by Masamune Shirow and the book ‘Altered Carbon’ by Richard K Morgan.





Here were a couple more studies.

you can see more of my work here.






Hey Ben,

It looks painful as I said before but it looks good. Make sure you hit insert image in post after you upload. A lot of people never even bother to click small thumbnails:) :+1:

here was a back view of that android and a few more older images.
the alien bust was done while learning the sculpting tools and it sort of turned into that guy.




I am amazed daily of the talent level in this forum. May I ask what other software you have used prior to zbrush? This is fantastic work!

Solid start :+1:

you joking ? Thats a solid finish not a start ;D

Those models are frigging amazing, dude, post them in the thread or they wont show up on the main, a lot of ppl missed your mind blowing works.
Just edit your posts, and press the name of the attachments, or copy and pastate the name of it, that way it will show up in the post and on the main page !!!

Do it !!!

yeha man what the hell, the level of great works is getting ridiculus, so many talented ppl start using zbrush. And he must had used mudbox, 3d coat, or something similar, nobody gets that good in short period of time ;]

Amazing work Ben! I love that horned ape you did. You should repost a non thumbnail version of him.

If anyone has not checked out Ben’s concept work you should be sure to check it out too.

No doubt one of my favorite concept guys out there. Can’t wait to see how your works progress with a new tool under your belt.

great work.

thanks for posting those into the thread! :wink: Thanks for the comments i will try to get some more personal work done.

i am having weird technical issues with this forum for some reason, it takes a long time for my posts to show up so i repost a few times then they all show up at once 4-5 hours later…is that because of the time difference? (im in New Zealand)

moved to separate thread.

greetz to new zealand and happy new year 2012… absolutely wonderful work here… were did your thread moved please post the link…

Cheers man, i will just post them here again… i think i figured out what i was doing wrong for future use. Any new updates will stay in this thread to keep all the work together.







very cool updates :slight_smile:

Was reminded i hadn’t updated this thread in ages so i thought i would give it some love. There is quite a bit of stuff to post, will try to edit it down so its not too much spam. First two robot designs were created for the book ‘Nuthin But Mech’ published through DesignStudioPress, and the rest are just stuff for fun or late night experiments like the last alien bust/sculpt which was basically me starting with a sphere and seeing what came out of it that night.









Some warmups done for a CDW workshop i did earlier this year, you can see a few more done on my blog to prepare for the event all quick sculpt / paintovers again.
The demo was 3 hours so all of these were created under a strict 3 hour limit timing myself with my iPhone from sphere to sculpt to illustration to get ready, was pretty
to cool to see what was/wasn’t possible within 3 hours.








Here was a small collection of some of the things done for the CDW Wellington event where i did some demos with crazy talented co-workers Aaron Beck and Greg Broadmore for 3 hour sessions each day
for 5 days. I decided to create a project for the event so all the demos were tied together in some way to make things more interesting and also make stronger talking points on world building for IP development.
All of this was recorded and is getting edited together at the moment into training/tutorial DVD’s through the CDW website. Stay tuned!








very nice work.
already follow you on cgHub

still really pleased to see concepts instead of details. Especially when they are with that quality.

And lastly here is a collection of warmups and demos done in preparation for and created live at a design school presentation in Singapore, alongside the fantastic Neville Page who is a
a old friend and instructor from my time at Art Center, was really great to catch up after so many years. For this event i also tried to pick a theme and run with it to test myself a bit
and just have some fun keeping the brief light and open and try out some subject matter i wouldn’t usually get to do at work. My demo was to show how to build a quick concept mesh to PS paintover to create concept art rapidly which is how i mainly utilize ZBrush in
my workflow for design jobs, its really handy for creating detailed concepts and very easy to go back in and detail the model to a very finished level if the client likes/approves the
design. I posted more process images with a bit more of a writeup in a FB gallery which might be easier to see everything and mean me spamming less images here. Let me know and
i can post a few more things but a lot of it might be redundant to a lot of you guys.