Belfort Lion Relief

Hi all! This is the model I sculpt on my latest Youtube streams, it is based on the Belfort Lion monument.
You can see the whole process of a relief sculpting during three streamings, from the sculpting process till setting for 3d printing, weight optimization, and Keyshhot rendering.
On last video, on comments, you can download the Keyshot Material “Oxidized Brushed Silver” I used on final render :wink:



Here are the three Youtube streamings, if you like them, like & subscribe!! :smiley: :metal: I’ll be streaming more ZBrush & Jewelry content regularly!

Relief Sculpting_1

Relief Sculpting_2

Relief Sculpting_3

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Thank you! You have cool models :+1:

Very cool Nacho. Thank you for sharing so much with the community

Thanks Paul! It’s a pleasure :fist:

Hehhehe Nacho, this was a great stream! and in English :clap: :clap: :clap: Respect!

Thanks Jaime!! :laughing: what do you think about my englih?? enough for super basic users haha

I think it was very good, perfectly understandable and enjoyable at the same time. Go for it Nacho :wink:

Cool, thank you!! You’re very kind :wink: , I already have planned my next streamings

New Keyshot render, modelling wax