Beginners Sketchbook (WIP)

I’ve recently been learning Zbrush and I figured this would be a good place to keep track of my progress. My first model is a learning experience and still very much a work in progress so my workflow is all over the place. I work on random sections of the model for reasons only god knows.

Any critiques are welcome. [![Creature7.jpg|686x612](upload://7n77QIM5rniC7BjMCk3GBDQnPGz.jpeg)]![Creature9.jpg|686x617](upload://nY0Sm5Jba8zT4NF4r6e9Dvy7bSF.jpeg)

Is there a better way to take these pictures? I’m just printing the screen and bringing it into paint but it doesn’t work too well.

Nice work so far! Keep it up!

And yes, you can create an image of the document by going to the document panel on the top and hitting export. That will take just the canvas and give you options for .psd .tiff and .bmp

Thanks. Youve been helpin me out with all my questions haha

I’ve been working on developing the legs, but I’m not sure how I want to go with the feet.

[ZBrush Document.jpg]

Been working on the torso some trying to get the anatomy right.


So far it looks good. A lot of fine tuning though to go. I wouldn’t use a texture just yet if you’re still sculpting a lot of details. Its best to do as much sculpting on a basic shader so you can see what is actually going on on the surface. Realistically, the legs are way too small or the upper body especially the arm is way too big. Depends on if you’re going for more stylized or real. The torso is looking good though, keep on brushin’!:slight_smile:

It’s based off a character sketch I made for another class, the proportions are more along the lines of a monster than a human.

I removed the texture and started working on the arm. It looks a little off to me, though.


Hi KillahPriest! I think you are making awesome progress on this sculpt man! Seems you’re getting a good grasp on how bones, muscles, tendons, fat and skin all work together to create the external form. Definitely keeping my eye on this one! :+1: !


I took a little time off of the first model and found an old drawing I did a few years back. Ignore the hands as I hid them by accident and screwed them all up. Actually, don't ignore them. How do I fix it? :lol:


Little update. Throw on a new matcap I downloaded the other day for fun.




Hey man! Your latest sculpt shows a good sense of volume again! Hope you will take it to completion! :+1: !


Small update. Ignore the head for now, it's giving me a harder time than I expected.




Great work so far! I’d comment that her breasts look somewhat balloon-like (as if they were made of silicone), which is fine, if that’s what you’re going for.

The posing is very well done, and my eyes are quickly drawn to the hands. I personally would want to see a bit more posing, or variation in the positioning of the fingers. I think that will make a big difference to the overall composition.

The pectoralis leading into just under the armpit seems a bit sharp. I recommend a combination of inflate and smooth to sand it down. The clay brush also works wonders, if you haven’t already tried it out.

Keep up the awesomeness! :+1:

I’m kind of all over the place. I went back to tweaking the first sculpt. I reworked the forearm and head a bit. Then I went to work on the skin and realized I need to completely retopo him since his hands were completely detailed on the first subd level. :lol: Should be fun.


Faces were giving me a lot of trouble so I decided to practice a little. Here’s my first go at it.


this is a fantastic start! Something I’d recommend which I found helped me is having some neck (and maybe even shoulders), it gives a great reference point to the rest of the head. I often throw in a couple spheres for eyes, but you could simple sculpt eyes into the tool as it is, if you wanted. I also can’t recommend highly enough Ryan Kingslien’s videos on sculpting heads. keep up the great work!

Hey thanks for the comments. Yeah looking back I should have made the head and shoulders. I’ll look into ryan’s videos, too.

I worked in a little more detail and redid some areas. It still needs a lot of work, I think, but it taught me a lot.


Then I wanted to see how it would look with a bit of color so I polypainted a bit.




Fixed some proportion issues and redid the texture. It’s far from perfect, but for learning purposes it taught me a lot. I’m going to call this finished for now and move back onto the other models.


Wow, and I just realized I saved the document and forgot to save the tool. So I guess it really is finished. :lol:

Damn! Too bad you didn’t save the tool! Would’ve loved to see a side view of that one! Anyways, keep goin’!

I’ve recently got some of Nick Z’s videos and decided to attempt a bust. If you haven’t seen them I really suggest you check them out - They’re great. :slight_smile:







Hi! I like your works man. I saw the making of manimal videos, and your attemt is great. Only the lips are a bit odd for me. But the level of detail and the anathomy parts are ok.