Beginner's Question - how to add skull sutures and surface structure?

Hi all,
i’m new to zbrush (i am using zbrushCore for beginners purposes), and this is my second sculpt at all. Now that i’m more or less done with the proportions, i need some advice of how to sculpt the sutures and other surface structures:

What do you suggest is the best way to bring in the details? I’ve used a bone alpha on the standard brush, but this distorts the overall shape, as the brush not only sculpts the structure of the alpha, but also the overall brush shape. Is there a method to bring in details without changing the shape of the surface itself? What would be the desired mesh resolution for surface detailing? are there any suture alphas out there?

Some advice would be very helpfull.

Thank you!




damian standard brush, any other brush that does thin cuts, its not about alphas, those bone joints are basicly just a line thats not straight but zigzagging slightly, just do them by hand

proportions aint right btw, the head is much too tall compared to its width,

above mideyes (forehead etc) is the same height as below (nose, teeth, chin)

your teeth dont appear to go into the bone structure as they should

there is actually a hole inside the eyesocket towards the innards of the skull

hi jaysus,
thank you for the advices; yes, the proportions where off, and i think it is better now. Thanks for the help!