Beginner's Game Character

Hi ZBC community, this is my first post on here and my first (proper) attempt at creating a character in ZBrush. I’ve used ZBrush a little whilst studying games development at university, but now I have more free time I want to focus on Character creation for video games and learning ZBrush.

The character was inspired by 17th - 18th Century regal military uniforms and a hint of fantasy and traditional medieval armour. I want the character to have a royal presence and aim to render it as a stylized PBR character.

Any feedback on my model and workflow, or tips for my project would be much appreciated!

concept (The Grand Commander)

Upper half forms

Torso details

Lower half forms & beginning to refine the forms

Re-sculpting of the head (Subdivided Masked Areas)
Progress so Far (Dynamesh at 128 resolution)

Another few days progress,
The base mesh is complete (besides details i’ll add near the end).

The hands and feet (which are now attatched)

The shoulder cape created in Marvelous designer

I exported the cape as Quads and built a base model for the shoulder pauldron (To be imported into ZBrush, re-meshed and sculpted)
The progress so far. I’ve began working on the under gown, and sculpting the pauldron.

Another couple days progress.

I sculpted the base forms for the shoulder pauldron (I will add the final details later)

The chest armour has been the most difficult part so far, I ended up retopologizing it in Maya and importing that mesh into Zbrush

More shaping and editing of the chest armour

without starting detail on the chest I wanted to make sure it was in proportion to the rest of the character, so I decided to Block in some other parts to get a feel for the final design.

That’s it so far,
Again any feedback or comments would be welcomed

I’ve been away for the weekend but here’s the progress from last week and today.

The necklace before being Imported into Zbrush

My practice making a rope brush (which will be used for the rope across the chest)

I’ve cleaned up the geometry on the dress and started developing the thigh armour a little further. I also added more geometry to the face, adding more details.

That’s all for now, updates in the next couple of days.

only one days update for now

I made the hard surface details on the lower half of the character in Maya

After a bit (a lot) of trail and error I created the loincloth in Marvelous Designer, exporting it as quads for Zbrush

I’ve started blocking in the boots and will be working on these next.


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I sculpted the base shape for the boot and re-meshed it ready for marvelous designer

Here are the previous attempts to get the pattern correct

The final iteration of the boot cover, with bows I also made in MD

the next step will be refining the details across the whole project, bit by bit.