Before the Wedding

This is my first personal CG work. The oil painting is from Russian painter Phils Sergeyevich Zhulavlev “Before the Wedding”
Thank you very much Yang Guang for making me learn too much in this short time. Not only has I improved in CG, but I also understand myself more clearly. He is really the most serious and patient I have ever seen. And the teacher who is most passionate about CG, is also a very humorous teacher in life.


Wow. Those details on the dress…

Amazing job of capturing the painting! Incredible scene :+1:

Welcome to ZBC! :slight_smile:

Remarkable work! Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Wow, very impressive work!

Nice, but) work whit hend men and perspective baack wall)

Excellent work , beautiful recreation !

Outstanding 3D interpretation! :clap: Welcome to ZBrushCentral @Mayuning