This is my latest work, the visualisation of the old idea - the contrast between the organic living object and geometrical, abstract form. I thought it will be good project to learn Zbrush, but the most I learned here was the anatomy:). Critics and comments very welcome.



Beautiful and little scarry)
Great Job!

with that red link i thought it was going to be a direct link to some porn or something:sunglasses:. Honestly i don’t think any sort of warning should be necessary to show some breasts especially on an art forum, but anyways cool image it has a lot of mood:+1:

Thank you FairCat and Digitalsmithy:)

It looks good but maybe red wasn’t the best choice it looks a bit like jello:D.

I’ve always had a soft spot for readheads…:slight_smile:

Great work on the pose and the overall mood =)
I am not to sure about the design, looks very artistic though, but I wanna see a beatiful face on a body :smiley:
but great style mate, keep it going :slight_smile:
Cheers and happy sculpting,
Kenny =)