Bear Byrnes Sketchbook

Hey everyone,

Been a long time since I posted anything, been super busy over the past months. But I really wanted to start a sketch blog and start posting some stuff on a regular basis.

Here is a dump of some of the projects and sketches I have been working on recently. Most of them are still in production but I wanted to get something up to get stuff started.

Everything was done in ZBrush, modeling, rendering and texturing. Comments, criticism and critiques are always welcome and helpful.

Thanks guys and gals.






Here is another sketch I have been working on. Had a lot of fun with this, lots of insert meshes and fine detail.

Newest sketch, did this one over the past couple of days. I always love doing creatures, so much freedom to just explore design and ideas.



More creature work…



Here is yesterday’s sculpt, based off different types of fungus. Though looking at it now I want some stuff coming off of it The Last of Us style, I’m still pretty happy.




Been on a nature kick recently so here is another one that is very fungal and bark based.




Finally had the time between work to sit down and comp a full render in Photoshop. Feels really good the get something all the way to completion.

This is Aldual, keeper of the sacred flame, and all around badass. :stuck_out_tongue:


New sculpt and render comp. I’m trying to only post finished work at this point.

Everything was sculpted and rendered in ZBrush, then composited in Photoshop.

Update - I was unhappy with the pose I posted earlier so I added some detail and re-rendered it.


Another finished render. Really enjoyed working on this guy.

Concept was a race that could control the elements Avatar the Last Air Bender style.


Another sculpt, and render comp I have been working on the past couple of days.

The only thing I had to go off for this was that I wanted him to eat souls for food. Haha, the rest was off the top of my head.

Hope you all like it, comments and crits are always welcome.


Have some time this weekend to work on a new character.

Here is the initial pass on him, though I would like to get him fully textured and rendered by Sunday.

Comments and crits are always welcome.


I have been slowly grinding away at refining this sculpt over the past few days when I have free time.

I’m pretty happy with the direction its going, though I would like to keep tweaking it before going into texturing.

Let me know what you guys and gals think. Thanks!

great work.very nice sculpt on the pant.look forward to seeing what you do with him.:+1::wink:

Thanks a bunch Diablo! :smiley:

The plan is to finish refinement and textures, then bring him into Toolbag2 for rendering.