Battlefield V Character Art Dump - Rui Mu

Hi All,

I would like to share with you some of the characters for Battlefield V.

We use scanning mesh for Highpoly, clean the issues then bake the normal and diffuse maps to the gamepoly.

These are some original versions as below, more original versions and new versions will release by other character artists in BFV in the future.

Just wanted to thank Linus Hamilton, Hanna Lindfors, Joacim Lindquist, Bjorn Arvidsson, Marcus Petterson, Sanna Nivhede, Hvile Ohrnell, Adrian Grist, Alexander Kafoussias, the amazing character team and outsourcing team.

In general,
All of the heads and hair made by Linus Hamilton and Hanna Lindfors.
All of the hands made by Joacim Lindquist.
Some of headgears and the most of the gamnemesh, UV and textures baking made by outsourcing studio.
Some of headgears made by Adrian Grist and Hvile Ohrnell.
Allied Assault upperbody made by Marcus Petterson.
The highpoly fixing and textures for the upperbodies and lowerbodies made by me.

I hope you like it!

More info in my artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/ruimu


Amazing work!!! :+1:

Amazing. How much time, Rui, did it take to make one character? What is polycount, and textures?

Thanks dude!

Fine work

I love the character models in BF:V.

Fine work, guys.

Have been wondering if you guys utilize any 3D scanning/photogrammetry for your modelling processes?

Also, any chance of seeing high res vehicle stuff?