Battle scene, Cosmic Horror

Here are some screens from the scene I am working on, which concludes my series.
The creatures I have prepared this month are facing an enemy that is probably too big for them.


A lot happening here, hard to know what’s going on, care to explain? the environment is well done.

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Ok, so, to explain this mess :slight_smile:
For the month of April, to practice, I asked 15 people to fill in a short form, without telling them what I was going to do with it. I used their answers to sculpt 15 soldiers. I used these soldiers to make two illustrations, the first one is the departure to war, the second one is the battle scene. And I prepared a video to tell the story.
In summary: a comet falls, the king orders the creation of a troop of soldiers to go and see the impact site, and on the spot they find a cosmic horror.
It was a good exercise, I learned a lot of things.

The soldiers:


Going to war :


And the battle :



Very cool idea.

I imagine it would be almost impossible not to let your shared experiences with each participant to help form deeper meanings beyond the form.

Definitely seems like a wise way to get right down to practice while accomplishing much more.

Thanks for sharing all of this.

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Thank you,
It was quite open for the participants, I selected 5 and opened to all for the other slots (it was on twitter).
They had to fill in this:
[number between 0 and 6 / a letter: R S or A / number between 0 and 4 / eye or mouth / yes or no.]
But indeed, I tried to do something based on the participant for each creature, on what I know of them, or in relation to their personal work (quite a few illustrators in the participants).
It gave me constraints and it made the production easier.
Each participant got a HD turntable + a unique illustration just for them.
I did some teasing and showed some focuses, while I was producing the whole thing. To create some lore and have fun.

Now that the project is finished, I can say that giving myself a framework helped me a lot. But I don’t think I’ll do it again soon, it was a project maybe a bit too ambitious for my level, and it made me quite tired.