Hi, I have been visiting ZBrushCentral for sometime now but I have never posted any work until now. Sculpted, detailed and rendered in ZBrush. Please give me some critiques, thanks!






One of my personal work and an attempt at creating a post-apocalyptic character. Sculpted and rendered in ZBrush. Hair created with fibermesh. Critiques are always welcome, thanks!

Adriang87 I am not sure why you haven’t received any comments on the batman model, but let me be the first to say great job. I really like the detail and time you spend on both of these.
Thank you for posting. Do you have plans on texturing the survivor as well?

Very Good modelling and detailing Adrien! How long have you been using zbrush?

Thanks for the comments guys! I had a blast working on survivor and batman.

Daniel, I will be texturing the survivor eventually along with my other projects. I just wanted to get him out there so ppl can give me feedback on things I might have missed.

Andre, I have been using ZBrush for a few years now. Still so many things to learn from this amazing software.