Batman VS Joker

My own personal take on futuristic designs of the Batman and the Joker. I have always wanted to create my own versions of these two characters and had so much fun in the process! This is the final visual product towards completing my MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Elements of the model strayed from my own original concept art, knowing that when I started modeling certain areas might not work out the best as originally conceived. Would very much appreciate feedback and hope you all enjoy!


Turnaround of the full model.

Original Sketches for the batman concept, model adapted towards certain elements, but the overall look was meant to stay true to the original design.


Batman Wireframes

Joker Concept and Zbrush Renders

Outstanding job!!! Really like what you did with Batman. Keep up the great work.

Very Impressive technical 3D and mech work, but the Batman design doesn’t resemble or say “Batman” for me personally. It looks like a Transformer with way too much going on with all the small mech parts, to draw the eye to a strong focal point. If I saw it from a distance, I would recognize it as “Transformer” or “Mech” but not Batman.

The Joker works well though. The design has the recognizable facial features to tell that it’s a version of The Joker.

Just my personal opinion though. It may be different for other observers.