Batman - The Dark Knight

Hi everybody,

This is my entry for the Comicon Challenge, wich is a gameartisans’ contest… A version of Frank Miller’s Batman Dark Knight…

The lowpoly model has 6784 triangles and I’ve used a diffuse, specular and normal map ( all with 1024x1024 )…

The base mesh was modeled in XSI and ZBrush was used for highpoly modeling and to paint some textures ( with projection master and ZappLink )…

All rendered in 3ds max using mental ray…

Hope you like it…







Yeah Man, i love the final images, good luck man…
I love it… :smiley:

Coool man!! Nice job!!
Good luck on the contest!!

Great job! :+1: :+1:

i like it :+1: :sunglasses:

Rafe - Thanks a lot buddy :+1:

DiegoMaia - Thanks buddy :+1:

khalavi - Thanks man…

Subotai - Thanks man…

And here are some more images of the process… Hope you like it…






Nice and beefy. Good work!

  • BoBo

great work Felipe!cingratulations

Alex Oliver

Wonderful model the final pose looks awesome too :+1: :+1:

BoBo_the_seal - Hey man… Thanks a lot…

alexleia - Thanks master :lol:

SolidSnakexxx - Thanks man…

And here are a couple of images showing two parts of the process… The first one is the lowpoly model with the first version of the normal map applied… And the second is the lowpoly with all the maps…

Hope you like it…