Base Mesh-Athletic Female (Nudity)

I needed a good starter mesh for myself. It’s medium detail with good landmarks. Used volleyball players for reference.


Very solid basemesh to start a female. Did you create everything by scratch?
Also what renderer did you do the renders? I really like the presentation of the model.
Are you planning to do a production model and offer it to the community? @Dokterrudi

Happy sculpting bud.
Kenny :slight_smile:

same here. I’d like to know the lighting setup. It shows off a lot of subtle details without being too dramatic. If it’s custom and not a preset you gotta show us your secrets lol.

Rendered in Arnold using the flipped normal setup. Although I’ve edited it quite a bit so it’s not out of the box anymore. Thanks for the compliments

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All from scratch, used a lot of Volleyball players as reference. Thanks for the compliment. I’ll eventually get around to doing a prod. Need to move on for the moment, you know how it goes. :wink:

Wonderful first post. Killer work. Keep posting. I’m paying attention. : )

Very strong model, very impressive render.

Agree with all comments, well sculpted, although I am by no means an expert at anatomy the proportions seem accurately designed! :clap::clap::clap:

Thanks for the compliment. Very appreciative.

Beautiful model! Look forward to seeing more from you :wink:

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well done mate! spot on.

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