New piece, stupid name. Was originally just going to be a zbrush sculpt but glad I took it through Arnold. Had a lot of fun.

The tattoo was the hardest part, it was hand-painted in zbrush, then transfered to the other arm using zwrap, which is an amazing plugin/program.

Need to thank Joel Mandish (amazing concept artist) for helping me with the pose and some of the design elements.




Both, concept and design are amazing Yuri :wink: It’s good to see you posting in ZBrushCentral.

Thanks Jaime! I appreciate it.

Amazing work, i love the face and the anatomy on the torso. What did you use to make the robot arms to look like covered with cloth?

Thank you! I used marvelous on the coat, arms and gun.

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Perfect, thank you for the response!

Great work :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

Wow!!! :+1::+1::+1:

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Amazing style! The pose is superb you can really feel the weight. And the tattoo… what to say. Really a mindblowing piece of art!

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Fantastic work, so many amazing areas that I have a hard time focusing my eyes : )

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Amazing job, congrats!!

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Really great!

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That’s awesome work.
I really need to learn how to make these awesome outfits!
Even if I am gonna pay for this can you tech me ?

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This is so beautifull…what an art :+1:

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Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it! Thank you ZBC for the top row as well, really an honor!

@Berobal - is there something in particular you want to know about. Marvelous designer has been covered in tutorials by people a lot better at it than I am, but I have a few tips/trick to do certain things.