BallisticPulications Entry WIP Crits please!

Hi folks, here’s my WIP for the exotique call for character pieces.
This piece is based on a character painting I did based on the ‘Mamoulean’ character from Clive Barkers ‘The Damnation Game’ he’s a kinda mean calous chap.
here was a quick design sculpt, using just a poly sphere.
the model after re topologising and a bit more detailing but symetry still on.
quick texture applied.
given a hat.
Here’s where I’m at with him currently need to work on eyes but need info on how to get transparency to work with the renderer (I just can’t quite remeber the settings) so any help will be greatly appreciated. Also the lighting seems buggy on my system as soon as i apply a second light the model becomes rediculously overbright? any ideas? :confused:







Just a quick crit -

looking cool so far.
I think the eyes might be a bit close together.
The bridge of his nose looks too pinched.

how to get transparency to work with the renderer

Turn off Render> Flatten Layers
Create new layer (Under Layer, not under TOOLS)
Draw item - make sure there is transparency in your material (Material> transparency)

Also the lighting seems buggy on my system as soon as i apply a second light the model becomes rediculously overbright? any ideas?
The material you have has built in lighting. Adding another light may overexpose. Use materials for final rendering without real time lights built in, or turn down the intesity of the light until it looks nice.

Good luck!

Thanks Meats, I have corrected the eyes and nose. big thankyou for info on tran’s and lighting

Need help with the eyes though. Initially in my original painting he had completely black eyes no iris or pupil but having experimented that just don’t cut the mustard so any suggestions for style and materials/settings to use? Anyone??

Also how do you set up a gallery on these pages? I have a few other pieces that i have done and i would like to share??



Besides what Meats commented on, the jaw line disappears into the neck. The rear of the jaw should be a little wider, wider than the neck, especially considering how thin the neck is.

It does create a certain look…

I am so reminded of david bowie when I see this for some reason.:rolleyes:

working with custom material for eye’s what do you think?



quick update. Crit please.



THe black background blends a bit too much with the coat. Perhaps a lighter tone background? Are they still accepting entries?

i really like it…like the colors…only thing bothers me is the nose…that symetrical shadow thing going on…looks really weird and breaks up the nose in a funny way. Also agree about the background. not really sure what i would do…but would probably do some kind of alpha mask fog thing for that.

having said that…it looks really cool and i just might have to save a copy to use as a wallpaper …if ya don’t mind that is…


Yeah, this is turning into one helluva piece! Very cool and creepy character!

Reminds me of the guy from Half Life 2, whats his name now?

anyway it is great work so far.

Another Update the this piece. Re-Sculpted the hands completely and changed the pose relit the image and gave a basic background but it aint finished.

Massive high res pic link HERE.



Aminuts - Here’s a link for you to use as wallpaper 1600x1200px Just right click and save as!

Sweet!! Thanks!! :smiley:

for everyone else lookin…the high rez link under the last update pic…is definitely worth a look…you see way more detail and the love put into this work…check it out!

Cheers! Has really been a learning fun process so far with this image. Ballistics call ends on 9th July so though i am away for a week now until next sat i still hope to get it finished in ample time! Do you think it’ll stand a chance of getting through. I know it’s not a female posing in the nude but i wanted to do somthing different. there will be so many female poses that i did not want to just be another same old!! they do have other work in there other than the female poses after all it is supposed to be fine CG character work not a Jazz rag.

Should i add hair? I’m thinking not it may soften him up to much, however he may be a little too dark otherwise? Crit/Advice deffinitely needed???

nah…no hair…i think he is great the way he is…just the background needs something.

I vote for no hair as well. Why is this only a 3 star thread? This is really good work. I guess some people just voted before you finished, which is lame in my opinion.

Cheers for the comments i’ll be doing some more work on this tomorrow! finally back from stupid work trip, and can get back to my art!! :wink:

think I prefer the way his eyes are in the first image with cards, they seem to glow slightly… very nice work :slight_smile:

Quick update with this.
High res link HERE!