Balinese: Guardian statue

Hi, you all amazing members of ZbrushCentral :slight_smile:
This is a personal project, I have done for practice. The artwork is based on the cultural beauty of Bali (an Indonesian island) known for home to religious site and beautiful temples and usually, we can see these Balinese Guardian statues near the entrance of temples.

I have found different types/style references for this ideal and most of them are grey and precisely handmade with tools. However, I have seen some very colourful statues made with imprecise shapes and forms and disproportion. I like this one because they are more close to old-time construction and interesting visual aesthetics.

Comments and critics are most welcome.



Never been to Bali yet, tempting though. I enjoy learning from other cultures. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for your comment Jaime. Yes, I also got to know about it recently while working on this asset.

I know it’s a lot of work, would have been nice to see them in within their context, next to the entrance, do they usually have only one or one of each entrance’s temple side? Love how colorful they are though :slight_smile:

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Usually, they have two on the entrance, however, I have seen the single one placed in the corner of the temple.