Bahman Fakouri works

Hello everyone
I am a furniture and industrial designer.I attached my works that consists of different furniture and jewelry design projects which I have completed for a range of clients. Thank you for reviewing it , I would be happy to provide further details.
All projects done in ZBrush because it gives me all of the tools needed to quickly sketch out a 2D or 3D concept and then take that idea all the way to completion.

Console table
QashQai are a conglomeration of clans of turkic ethnic origins, mostly nomadic iranian Azerbaijanis from Qashqai, Iran, but also lurs. the Qashqai people possess a history and culture rich in both struggle and inspiration. it is the combination of these two elements which give their art their unusual sense of spontaneity and aliveness. you can see Qashqai rugs in picture.
Client request was to keep the Qashqai character of the console and at the same time create a unique and new element in a classic context. this console was also tested in the interior of the house and was accepted by the client.

this console was also tested in the interior of the house and was accepted by the client.

Corinthian order:
the Corinthian order is the last developed of the three principal classical orders of ancient Greek and roman architecture. My client ordered designing this 3D capital for their under construction building.

Jewelry design:
A couple came to me and asked for a unique design for their engagement rings. they had to be present during the design process of their partners’ ring and give me some clues about what his /her partner exactly likes.

you also can see the sketches I did for them


seprated model2.29-3.jpg



whole of calumn.jpg





product design:
one of my project was designing a portable and ergonomic mouse for laptop. I use ZBrush for quick 3D concept to find which idea is the best.

Number 2 was chosen.I finalize it

Making a prototype

and finally it was madephoto_2016-07-31_21-25-36.jpg



step by step in zbrushprocess.jpg

How was this made to so perfectly match a 3D model? There’s undercuts even, so CNC, hand carving, assembled parts?

I love the design and detail.

I understand why you would choose ZBrush for the ornamental detail. Did you use another program for the shell or structure?

as you can see in the picture we separate the 3D model into different pieces, then we carved each part separately with CNC machine , and finally the parts assembled

I imported no 1 from rhino with exact measurement and other steps done in ZBrush

There are some ripples or dimples in the surface I notice in the purple image (6), but I don’t see these in the photos of the finished piece.

How did you remove or smooth those out? Or perhaps with all the other details they are not noticeable …?

I ask because I have found it difficult to make large curved surfaces that are very smooth in ZBrush. Its something that I would typically use a CAD application like Rhino or SolidWorks with nurbs surfaces.

I did this with polygrouping then polish by Group


Did you create a poly group for each side?


Go to this link, You’ll find your answer

Thanks for that link, definitely have to watch those a few times.