BadKing’s Mega Monster Brush Challenge

Hi Guys, BadKing has been receiving some great Brush suggestions from the community of late with many requesting a Monster Parts Brush Set.

So let’s create a Mega Monster Brush Set together that will be FREE for the ZBrush community!! I am asking everyone to get involved, either create or send me your existing models - horns, spikes, claws, tails, arms, legs, eyes, ears, ridges, noses etc.

Only the very best pieces received will be included in the Set and all contributors will be credited with a screenshot of their donated part/s, a short biography and a link to their URL on the BadKing Website in addition to being showcased on this thread.

Submission closes Monday 3rd June.

For more details, visit the BadKing website http://www.badking.com.au/site/badkings-mega-monster-brush-pack/

So let’s band together guys and create the BIGGEST and BADDEST FREE Monster Brush Set EVER!!!


Brett Patrick Sinclair’s URL: http://brettsinclair3d.wordpress.com

Dominic Qwek’s URL: http://www.dominicqwek.com

Caleb Nefzen’s URL: www.invoke3d.com CG PORTFOLIO: http://calebnefzen.cgsociety.org/gallery

Vojislav Vukadin’s URL: http://digitalartvukaddin.wix.com/digitalartvukaddin







This is great!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: Heaps more cool parts to come!

Diego Teran’s URL: http://www.teran.co

David Richardson’s URL: http://inspiredpogi.com

Justin Goby Fields’ URL: http://jfields217.cghub.com

Trevor Crandall’s URL: http://www.trevorcrandall.com

Luca Nemolato’s URL: http://lucanemolato.com

Kurt Papstein’s URL: http://ikameka.tumblr.com

Excellent :smiley: !

Amazing ! I’d really like to see whether I have time to contribute something or not :smiley: That’ll be awesome as I already have an idea! Keep it up Badking and all the other’s who contributed !

Thanks mate, you’re a star!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks! The contributions we have been receiving are amazing! Would love to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

Josh Crockett’s URL: http://monsterfaces.weebly.com

Fabio Bautista’s URL: http://maxterwip.blogspot.com

Fabio Bautista’s URL: http://maxterwip.blogspot.com





Ziya Göncü’s URL: http://www.ziyagoncu.com

I have something to donate, should I put it here BadKing, or would you like me to send it to you?

Awesome, can’t wait to see it! Please email it to me at monsterbrushpack@gmail.com and feel free to share it here if you’d like :slight_smile:

Sent! And adding for those willing to give it a shot.

The tentacles brush are two IMM, one with the tentacles facing the camera, and other (default for some reason I can***8217;t understand) facing the model. The other one is a brush that I cannot manage that sabes the weld option turn on in the presets, that emulates the chipset pattern, I***8217;ve included two screenshots of both in work.

Hope you like them! I have several other pieces I***8217;m currently working, I***8217;ll send them to you when ready.
tentaclebrush1.jpgtentaclebrush.jpgZBrush Document.jpg

Lonnie Sargent’s URL: http://www.sargentgfx.com

Nuttavut Baiphowongse’s URL: http://gibbon.cghub.com/baizilla