Baby Dragon

Hello Everyone ,

This is my recent artwork " Baby Dragon" that made in my spare time.
This piece sculpted 2 years ago and I decided to bring him to life.
Based on Nitro concept art.
This project took me some time since I first didn’t intend to do very high-frequency detail
but in the later stage, while texturing him I realize that I can’t miss the opportunity to not detail him.
Eventually, I try to maintain some basic shape and stylize features to keep him cartoonish.
I didn’t touch the model only add more details.
I’m very happy with how it turns out , hope you to :slight_smile:

Arik_Newman_2K Detailed01 Arik_Newman_2K Detailed02 Arik_Newman_2K Detailed03 Arik_Newman_2K Detailed04 Arik_Newman_2K Detailed05


Cute dragon :+1:

Thank you Jaime :slight_smile: