Azudem's sketchbook

Oh hello!

So I decided to start a little sketchbook for some of my personal work here. I’m only gonna post new work, hoping that’s gonna keep me motivated to finish more of my side projects.

So let’s start with this toad I’m working on right now :slight_smile:

Still a couple of sculpting fixes required and I have to pull the texture together a little.



Good job :smiley:
Regards kecaj

Nice start to your sketchbook! :+1:

Good start:D

Thanks guys!

Beautiful …love such attention to detail

Here is my take on Disney’s Hades. Still some things to fix and improve
in that robe, but I thought it might be worth sharing. Hope you like :slight_smile:


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This last one is really cool!
If i had one crit, it would be that the elbows are too smooth compared to the original one, would be nice to keep the old “sharp” elbows.
Really cool job anyway.

He’s great! Love the folds, very natural yet toony.

Thanks guys!
The elbows are there, they just kinda got lost in the pose and camera, ha!
Here are two more views.

dammm thats good

WOW! This is amazing you totally nailed it. Fantastic work thank you for sharing!

thank you thank you :slight_smile:

The elbows are there, they just kinda got lost in the pose and camera, ha!

haha ok, So it’s perfect!

Love the expression. Very nice work

hell of a sculpt right on the money!:+1:
all the best to you

Really Great sculpt you put Hades of Disney at an other level, Well done!!!

Amazing work. FAV’d n Follow’d.

Awesome Hades sculpt.

Loved that character and solid execution on your part. I don’t really like the expression though. Right now it makes him look somewhat… let’s just say not very intelligent. If you want to keep the mouth the way it is, with lower lip tucked under the teeth, you might want to try to change the expression of the upper part of the face: make the inner part of the eyebrows go up and add some folds on the forehead. This way the expression would read as if he made a villainous offer and is now asking “so what do you think, hm?”, which is closer to the essence of the character, in my opinion :slight_smile: This shot sums up the character nicely http://lilstinker.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/KG_HADES_001.jpg