Azrael is a project I worked on for the past week and a half.
He is often identified with the Archangel of Death in Hebrew, Sikhism lore, as well as Islam.I found this concept art online and have kept it in my library for awhile. Unfortunately I can’t credit the artist, and reverse google image search isn’t helping at all.
I really want to make a Diablo-esque badass character, so I decided to take this 2D concept and make it into a 3D character.
I broke the character down to a bunch of pieces so it was easier to focus on individual parts.
The character is basically consisted of the underlying head, arms and legs. Since the body can’t be seen what so ever, it was deleted after the breast plate was modeled.
There are 2 pieces for the pauldron, one arm band and 4 individual pieces to make up the gaunlet. The glove was separated also.
After detailing in zbrush, every piece was decimated and exported. Almost all except the breastplate, armband and the decoration along the belt were the uv-ed decimated mesh from Zbrush.
I took them into DDO and made some scratched metal material base for painting in Substance Painter.